Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots to Do!

So much to do today...Will I have enough time?!
Tomorrow we are having a party for our Little Ambassadors class at church. Pizza, games and a movie. I still have to find some games to play and tonight we need to go out any get some prizes. I have to clean my house, too. It's a mess. That reminds me of a story of myself when I was little. We went over to my grandparents house one night. I walked in the door and saw that a chair was out of place and began scooting them back into place while saying "This house is a mess!" Anyway, I also need to figure out what kind of dessert to have. I think cookies or brownies will be fine. Something easy.
I have a sick kid at my house today. One of the little girls I babysit has a fever, but I told them to bring her anyway. Is that being a bad mother? I'll try to keep her away from Landon as much as possible. That will be huge part of my day. :)
Oh, and for you moms out there...don't ever use the Johnson's diaper cream. It doesn't work! I've been putting it on Landon for about three days and his rash just kept getting worse. Finally, I said "We're going to get some Desitin." I put it on him last night and this morning his little bottom is just as white as can be! No more redness!
I'll post about our party sometime tomorrow or Sunday. Hopefully the kids will have a great time!


  1. Wow... wait till Landon grows up and his aunt tells him what his mommy put on her blog one day! LOL! ;)

  2. Boudreaux's Butt Paste works great for Ruby! It's not cheap, but well worth the $$. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. That never worked for the twins, so I just never tried it for Landon. Maybe I'll try it for the next one...whenever that might be.