Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Kindness

Last night our family devotions were about kindness, especially kindness amongst family members. Sometimes we are kinder to strangers and acquaintances than our own family members. I hate to think that I am guilty of this, but I know that I am. I know that my family knows that I love them, but I need to show them more than I do. Not only in words, but in actions. As we all know, "Actions speak louder than words!" So, I'm going to challenge you...This week attempt to do seven things (that's one a day) that you would normally not do for a family member to show them your love for them. I'm going to try it, too. I think it will help make our days better and our relationship with family better.
Last night we went to the grocery store (again). I was all excited because I was going to get two weeks' of groceries for a really good deal. You see, our grocery store here sometimes has really good deals on meat. This week (or so I thought) they had pork chops on sale, buy one get one free; also, pork roast, buy one get one free. The pork chops would last us about a week and the pork roasts would last us about another week. Well, I got there and none of that stuff was on sale! I didn't look at the date on the ad I got in the mail! The sale starts Saturday! I was so mad at myself. So, I only got enough food to last us about a week. week I will get enough food for two weeks. Lesson learned...always look at the date on the ad before you make your grocery list and menu!

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