Friday, May 20, 2011

Back Home

We're back home! It was so nice to be gone for a few days, but it was also nice to get back home. Plus, we only had one day of work, and now it's the weekend. It's like two vacations in one. :)
We had a great time at the mission conference in Baltimore. The people there treated us like royalty. I spent 4 1/2 years on full time deputation with my parents and don't remember ever being treated as well as we were at High Point Independent Baptist Church. Everyone was so nice and made us feel right at home. On Monday, all the missionary ladies went on a shopping trip. We went to a HUGE thrift store where I found a few things for me and lots of stuff for Landon.
Wednesday, we hit Washington, DC. That was an interesting trip. After two hours of simply trying to get into the city, and an hour to find a parking place, we walked about 1/2 mile in the rain to get where we wanted to be...the Holocaust Museum. When we made it out of there, it had finally quit raining. We then made our way to the American History Museum, where we spent most of our time. We had to keep an eye on the time because we had to be at the car at 4pm so that it didn't get towed. We left the museum at 3:15 to make our way back to the car. After walking around in circles, we finally found it at 3:50. Then, for icing on the cake, I spilled chocolate milk all over the seat of the car right before I got in to sit down. We were glad to get to the hotel that night.
After our experiences in DC, we decided to just stay at the hotel for the evening and order pizza for supper. The next day, we went to the Prime Outlets in Hagerstown, MD where I found a few more things. :) I still have some birthday money left over, though. I'm going to try and spend it tonight. I'm sure it won't be too hard. I'll keep you posted.

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